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Eat Good, Live Good

Sady professionally began his creative culinary journey in 1995 at Sodexho Marriott, New Jersey, proving his mettle at the deli, grill, pizza and oriental stations. Sady moved on as Chef Manager of a cafeteria with Restaurant Associates. Showing natural leadership and managerial skills, Sady was later handpicked by Dartcor to be the General Manager/Executive Chef, managing multiple food branches. Sady was shining in his own right when he started working with Premiere Caterers, Inc., as Executive Chef, and pleased palettes of such stars as Nicolas Cage, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, Catherine-Zeta Jones, Ethan Hawke, Glenn Close and Nicole Kidman (to name a few). Sady also catered to many motion pictures and TV shows such as The Sopranos, The Law of War, The Honeymooners, Two For The Money, Laws of Attraction, Hope and Faith, Rescue Me, Third Watch among others.

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Sady opened his first restaurant in Singapore at Jalan Pinang called Blue  Flame pan y vino serving true authentic Latin American creole cuisine in 2005. With so many regular customers, the restaurant operated daily at full capacity on a reservation-only basis.

Being a F&B Consultant, Sady has rendered his services as an Executive Chef/Culinary Director to restaurants such as Harry’s International, Michaelangelo’s Group, Gill Capital Group and Capital Blu, Wolfgang Puck. Sady currently dedicates a big portion of his time teaching culinary skills and working on new menu R&D.

Raised and educated in New York and later on, lived in New Jersey, Sady still hold his roots dear, and fondly hails his Abuéla (grandma) and his Mamá as earliest inspirations. These two loving and generous women owned diners and raised Sady in a home whose heart was the kitchen and whose passion was serving others through food. With such a nurturing background, it is no wonder that Sady thrived and went on to complete his A.A.S. Culinary Arts degree from HCC College, and at 25, was one of the youngest Executive Chefs in the United States. Sady is fluent in English, and he can croon to you in one of the most romantic languages: Spanish. He is now a Singapore Permanent Resident and is eager to share his wealth of experience and knowledge in the place he now calls home.

"La cosina no es una obligación, es una pasión."


Take Home Chef And More

Executive Chef Sady is as colorful as the dishes he creates. Raised and educated in New York and New Jersey, Sady is a unique blend of sultry Latino passion and smart New Yorker professionalism. He has a genuine commitment to service and is an inspiring master Chef.

Sady is passionate about helping people of all ages who want to help themselves. He has a soft spot for the youth, though, and is committed to provide opportunities for those who are lost to find their future in a culinary career.

Sady does this with a progressive philosophy. He believes we should have a “hands-on” attitude in life. If a person has life skills, hunger is not in the horizon. He believes in training students to build a career and not just a job. This is achieved by teaching them life skills and not just book knowledge. Sady’s vision is to run one of the best culinary academies in Singapore where students will blossom into culinary art professionals who are highly sought after for their real culinary abilities and creativity.

Come and learn from a man who not only makes an electrifying salsa; but also where salsa dancing runs in his Latin blood! A man who has passion for food, love and life that is simply contagious.

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